Rev up Your Ride: Unleashing the Power – The Ultimate Clutch Upgrade Options for the Toyota Coaster TD XZB50

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Are you in the market for a clutch upgrade for your September 2006 to December 2016 TOYOTA COASTER TD XZB50 with the 4 cylinder N04C-TQ, N04C-UH, or N04C-UP engine? Look no further than the modular UniClutch system. With its innovative design and top-notch performance, this clutch system is engineered to enhance your vehicle's overall driving experience. The UniClutch system is specifically designed to meet the needs of your TOYOTA COASTER, providing improved acceleration, smooth shifting, and increased durability. Whether you use your TOYOTA COASTER for commercial purposes or personal adventures, having a reliable and efficient clutch is essential. Say goodbye to clutch slippage, gear engagement issues, and other common clutch problems. The UniClutch system offers exceptional reliability, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable driving experience every time you hit the road. Don't compromise on the performance of your TOYOTA COASTER. Upgrade to the UniClutch system and experience the difference it can make. Trust in a brand that has a proven track record and is trusted by TOYOTA owners worldwide.
Torque Capacity Approximately 70 percent more torque capacity than OEM.
Pedal Effort Lighter actuation effort than OEM. Pedal release may be higher.
The UniClutch UC1024100 is a high-quality clutch that offers several advantages over the OEM version. One of its standout features is its lighter actuation effort, making it easier to use. In addition, it provides approximately 70 percent more torque capacity compared to the OEM clutch. This makes it an ideal choice for upgrading a TOYOTA COASTER. The UC1024100 is designed to outperform the OE clutch without any compromises. It achieves this through its twin disc, dual core design, which enhances torque capacity. Furthermore, the use of billet steel components provides up to three times stronger construction, ensuring durability and longevity. The clutch also incorporates Silent Shift Technology, which improves shift quality and speed while significantly reducing chatter. This results in a smoother and more comfortable driving experience. Additionally, the integrated flywheel friction surface eliminates the need for flywheel machining, saving both time and money during installation. Another notable feature of the UC1024100 is its radial dampening technology, which effectively dampens torque spikes. This further enhances performance and ensures smooth power delivery. Lastly, the Comfort Pedal Tune feature makes it perfect for city driving, offering enhanced control and maneuverability. Overall, the UniClutch UC1024100 is a top-of-the-line clutch that offers superior performance and durability compared to the OEM version. Its numerous features make it an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their TOYOTA COASTER's clutch system.
Torque Capacity Approximately 90 percent more torque capacity than OEM.
Pedal Effort Lighter actuation effort than OEM. Pedal release may be higher.
The UniClutch Sport UC1024200 is a high-performance clutch designed for upgrading a TOYOTA COASTER. It offers several advantages over the OEM clutch, including lighter actuation effort and approximately 90 percent more torque capacity. The Twin Disc design enhances torque handling and power delivery, while the Sport Pedal Tune provides a tailored performance experience. The Dual Drive Forged Internals offer exceptional strength for high torque applications, and the High Clamp Billet Cover Assembly ensures durability and reduces cover flex for superior disengagement, eliminating dragging. The Forged Dual Drive Internals maximize clutch durability, and the Silent Shift Technology minimizes noise during gear changes. Additionally, the Integrated Flywheel Friction Surface simplifies installation and maintenance. Overall, the UniClutch Sport UC1024200 offers reduced clutch wear for a longer-lasting and cost-effective solution.
Torque Capacity Approximately 130 percent more torque capacity than OEM.
Pedal Effort Similar actuation effort to OEM. Pedal release may be higher.
The UniClutch Track ICT UC1021300 is a high-performance clutch designed specifically for upgrading the TOYOTA COASTER. With similar actuation effort to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), this clutch offers approximately 130 percent more torque capacity. It is equipped with several features that make it ideal for track-focused applications. One of the key features of the UniClutch Track ICT UC1021300 is its low MOI cover assembly, which reduces rotational inertia for rapid shifts. This, combined with its quad drive forged internals, ensures exceptional strength to meet the demands of track racing. The track pedal tune feature provides precise control and reduces driver fatigue during extended track sessions. The clutch also features a cerametallic track-focused friction material optimized for racing. It can handle exceptionally high torque, making it suitable for high-powered applications with built-in intercooler technology for up to 40% sustained cooling. The sprung clutch disc allows for seamless transitions between track and street driving. The UniClutch Track ICT UC1021300 has a sealed design that enables installation on OEM flywheels or customized low inertia flex plates similar to those used in Formula One. This makes it suitable for engine and gearbox conversions found in various motorsports, including rally, circuit racing, drift, and track day cars. In summary, the UniClutch Track ICT UC1021300 is a high-performance clutch that offers similar actuation effort to OEM but with approximately 130 percent more torque capacity. Its track-focused features, such as low MOI cover assembly, quad drive forged internals, and track pedal tune, make it ideal for demanding track applications. With its high torque handling and sealed design, it is suitable for various motorsports conversions.
I am excited to introduce you to the UniClutch fitment kit UCFK10370-A-001, which is a crucial component for installing UniClutch Cores (UC1024100, UC1024200, UC1021300) in your TOYOTA COASTER. This fitment kit is designed with precision and boasts a patented flex-fit installation system, enabling a hassle-free and time-efficient installation process. What sets the Twin Disc sealed UniClutch apart from traditional clutches is that it eliminates the need for machining the customers' factory flywheel. With the UniClutch fitment kit, you can easily install any of the UniClutch Cores onto your vehicle. Trust in UniClutch's commitment to quality and innovation when it comes to optimizing your clutch system.
Important Note:

Use when OEM Transmission Spline is 14T x 32.4mm, and OEM Cover Assembly Boltup PCD is 345mm, with Dowel PCD 345mm. | Suits OE Flywheel | If unsure contact us to confirm your flywheel and transmission details
Vehicle ID: 485 (enter this into the build and price page “Find Vehicle” search field) as a shortcut to search for the following - Production Date: September 2006 to December 2016, Make & Model: TOYOTA COASTER, Series: 4.0 TD (XZB50), Engine: N04C-TQ,N04C-UH,N04C-UP
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